Our Mission


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The Mass Story Process


Public Story Circle

  • Builds community
  • Reveals impact of Mass Incarceration through a structured story circle process
Public Story Circle

Dialogue with Story Agents and Witnesses

  • Reflect on stories told through a facilitated dialogue
  • Form connections that are illustrated through live graphic recording

Participate in Community Design Session

  • Identify systemic problems presented by the stories
  • Collaboratively design strategies for Change


Who participates in a Mass Story event?

Story Agents: people directly impacted by incarceration

  • Formerly incarcerated people
  • Family members of incarcerated people
  • Victims of crime
  • Family members of victims of crime
  • People criminalized by law enforcement

Engaged Witnesses: people strategically positioned to create change

  • Concerned community members
  • People who work in corrections
  • Police
  • Criminal defense attorneys
  • Prosecutors
  • Judges
  • Social workers
  • Re-entry Practitioners
  • Educators
  • Artists and cultural workers


Become a Catalyst: Bring Mass Story to Your City

Catalyst partners are coalitions, criminal justice organizations, universities, businesses, and public agencies that recognize the need for a Mass Story lab in their community and make it happen.

Partners provide space to host the Mass Story event, lead outreach efforts, and fundraising.