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This Criminal Justice Reformers Secrets to Tough Conversations

By Jason Shen

Fast Company


Piper Anderson taught theater to middle schoolers before facilitating discussions on mass incarceration. Discomfort, in her view, is crucial to really communicating. Read more


Can a story help close Rikers Island?

by Mark Chuisano

Am New York


There have been calls in the past to close or rehabilitate Rikers Island, the city's infamous jail complex. None have succeeded.

That doesn't mean that activists have stopped pressing.

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Mass Story Lab: Designing A Future Beyond Prisons

impact design hub


On June 29, 2016, Mass Story Lab began their national tour to 20 U.S. cities grappling with the impact of mass incarceration. Mass Story Lab is an art and design project by Create Forward that seeks to arm communities with creative tools to design solutions to mass incarceration.




The case for Closing Rikers Island

by anindya kundu

huffington post


Recently my wife left a career in finance to pursue a less lucrative role in community organizing. The move was not wholly unexpected – Pam could handle the grueling hours of her old job, but she couldn't find meaning in helping rich companies make more money.

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